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Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

From one generation to another, a lineage is blessed with the wonderful plant called dandelion and its various uses. Hailey's love for dandelions starts at three, and she loves to pick the pretty yellow flowers and give them to her mother. However, Hailey is not alone in loving and appreciating the delightful plant since Grampa also enjoys the health benefits it provides. As Hailey grows up, she passes the love for the plant to her children and grandchildren and finds different ways to use it. Inspired by her granddaughter, Hailey, C. Ingrid Deringer introduces the Love the Earth series with Hailey Loves Dandelions to spread the love for our natural world to children. The book teaches its audience the many ways dandelions can be used and the importance of choosing organic produce.

The white pages splashed with colorful, flowery pictures in Hailey Loves Dandelions are perfect for children as they are quite eye-catching and informative. With just the right amount of lines per page (two to five), the book gives some profound messages about loving the earth and its bountiful blessings. C. Ingrid Deringer's book is an important step in leading children toward consciousness and appreciation for the natural world around them. Before reading the book, I didn't know dandelions had so many uses, and now I can't wait to explore some of its uses myself. Hailey Loves Dandelions is recommended to parents and schools who want their children and pupils to learn the value of plants and to develop curiosity for Earth's natural blessings. As a passionate nature lover, I appreciate and fully support what Ingrid is doing with her Love the Earth series!


This book is the first in a series called Love the earth. I can't wait for the next ones! My neighbour wondered what the heck me and my son were doing picking dandelions. Yes we made the muffins and brought him some over which he loved! lol


My son loves this book! I don't know how many times I have read it to him. Informative and the illustrations are amazing!


I love this book! The dandelion - lemon muffin  recipe was fun to make and tasted delicious! Great idea to add to the story!


A wonderful story that is about so much more than all the wonderful things you can do with dandelions! It is about family and how we share knowledge through the generations. 

Barb L

I initially bought this book because my daughter's name is Hailey! But I was delighted with the story and it is our new favourite at bedtime. The story is sweet and the illustrations are amazing - so much detail!  

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