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"Ingrid creates children's books for her grandchildren that focus on family bonds"

Charlotte Ingrid Deringer was born into a large family in Saskatchewan, Canada and has lived all across the country, on the east coast, west coast and everywhere in between. 


Her family’s love of music, dance and practical jokes left a tremendous impression on her, but it was her voracious appetite for adventure that has driven her to experience life to the fullest. She was in her 50s when her creative passions ignited, fueling her desire to write fiction. 


Ingrid holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Women’s Studies and is also an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist, a Life Cycle Celebrant and a Meditation Teacher.  She has worked in the health and wellness field, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and chronic illness for over 25 years. Ingrid's hope is that her writing will help to awaken her readers to the mystery in our lives. 


Now semi-retired, Ingrid finds joy in her writing, grandchildren, and winters in warm climates.


For Love and Mercy is her second novel is historical fiction that follows the life of free spirited Evangeline and her daughter Stormy. It is a story that will have you wondering what you would do, if you were in Stormy's situation. 

Hailey Loves Dandelions Hailey Loves Dandelions is a heartwarming story about family bonds and how one woman’s love of dandelions is passed down through the generations. Included in the back is a tasty fun recipe for dandelion and lemon muffins. This is the first book in the Love the Earth series dedicated to her granddaughter Hailey.

If I Could Live Again is her debut novel inspired by stories told to her by her family and her own life experiences.  


Shall We Dance is a children’s book about the love between Grandma Ging Ging and her grandson Rio that spans a generation. The book is dedicated to her mother who taught her and her seven siblings to dance and to her brother the best dancer in the family and to her amazing talented daughter Tania Elizabeth, the mother of Rio. 


Hailey Loves Dandelions

Hailey picks dandelions wherever she goes. As she grows older, her mother and nana teach her how to make yummy food with the flowers and leaves, her grandpa teaches her to make medicinal tea with the roots, and at summer camp, she even uses dandelions to make beautiful artwork. As Hailey ages, she teaches her own children and grandchildren about the many uses of dandelions she so dearly loves. Uh-oh . . . Little Sophie, her granddaughter, thinks they are weeds and should be killed! Can Hailey show her just why she loves dandelions so much?


Hailey Loves Dandelions is a heartwarming story about family bonds and how one woman’s love of dandelions is passed down through the generations. Included in the back is a tasty fun recipe for dandelion and lemon muffins. 



Shall We Dance 

Shall We Dance is about the magical bond between a boy and his grandmother that spans a lifetime and beyond. The unconditional love and joy each time they visit will bring both laughter and tears to your eyes as they dance and sing and play together.


The whimsical illustrations that bring the story to life will delight children and touch the hearts of adults. 


The story follows Grandma Ging Ging and her Grandson Rio's visits through the years beginning when Rio is a baby and ends when he a grown man. Each time they meet they do fun activities such as play hide and seek, ride bikes, make pizza, and go for walks. At the end of each visit, Ging Ging asks Rio if he would like to dance. When Ging Ging gets too old to dance, Rio refuses to accept it. 


The story, inspired by the author's own mother who loved to play and sing and dance in the kitchen with her children and grandchildren, is one that will be read over and over again. It is one one of those books that parents buy for grandparents and grandparents buy for parents and children, and children buy for their grandparents.

"If you enjoy Robert Munsch's book Love you Forever, you'll love this!"

if i could fLIVE AGAINAFINALFINAL-20.png

If I Could Live Again


Spanning three generations and nearly one hundred years, this is a heart-wrenching story about love, loss, spiritual connection, and a dream coming true in an unexpected way.


In 1925, Margaret is growing up in an abusive and unloving home, caring for younger siblings and working hard on their dairy farm in Nova Scotia. Margaret loves music and aspires to be a successful singer/songwriter, but as her life goes along, and she settles in Alberta, it becomes less and less likely that she will ever achieve her dream.


In 2015, as Sarah is going through her parents’ belongings after their unexpected deaths, she stumbles across a box of transcripts of stories she told them when she was a child. The tales take on a more personal meaning when she falls in love with Alex, and as she spends time with his family, begins to feel a spiritual connection to Margaret.

"This book definitely touches a beautiful, heart-wrenching chord."

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