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Loving Purple

I had a favourite colour growing up - everyone does,

don't they? If someone asked me, I would say blue. I mean I liked blue but I was not in love with blue. My mother was in love with purple but especially mauve - a softer purple. Her closet was full of purple clothes, - mostly ones my sisters and I liked to buy her. Purple coats, dresses, velour jogging outfits (even though she never ever jogged!) shoes, scarves, anything purple. When we painted her house, we painted a dark rich purple feature wall in the living room and mauve for the other walls. It looked amazing! In the kitchen we put up a border of pansies. She liked pansies because they were purple.

My mom would have been 100 today. She's been gone for eleven years from this realm but she is always with me - sending me signs - purple signs and coins. The day she died, I was on a hike in Hawaii and two tiny mauve butterflies followed me on the path. I made a comment that mom would have loved them. When I got back to my room - there was message that she had passed.

Now, I am sixty-three - I still like blue but I think I like purple better because it reminds me of my mom. I find I am wearing it more, and I am always drawn to the colour in nature. In my novels, I always have reference to purple - in honour of my mom. Maybe you noticed.

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